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“No Worries”
Home trade in Program

“We’ll buy yours if you buy ours”

It’s as easy as this:

• When you sign a purchase agreement on a new Platinum Series Home, have a guarantee built right into the purchase agreement.

• Platinum Series Homes will conduct an inspection and request an appraisal on your current home.

• We take this data and couple it with comparable homes in your area to deliver a guaranteed price.

• Platinum Series Homes and Prudential Partners will start marketing your home upon acceptance of the guaranteed price. There will be incremental decrease in the list price until your new homes closing date.

• If your home sells for more than the guaranteed price, you keep the proceeds.

• If it doesn’t sell before you take possession of your new home, Platinum Series Homes will buy it for the guaranteed price.

• We will coordinate possession dates to ensure an easier move.


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