I have an older home, and every time it rains, I get water in my house. How does Platinum Series Homes make sure this doesn’t happen in a new house?

A: We install perforated corrugated pipe (called “TILE”) both inside and outside of the foundation at the footing level, which collects the exterior water and dumps it into the sump pump pit. When the water level in the sump pump pits rises high enough to start the pump, the water is pumped into the city’s storm sewer at the street.

When I am discussing building a new home with other contractors, they mention a warranty. Does Platinum Series Homes offer a home warranty?

A. Platinum Series Homes offers a basic one-year warranty that virtually covers every item in your home. There are numerous individual product warranties that supersede our basic warranty, such as a 30 year limited warranty on the shingles, a limited lifetime warranty on the siding, and others. We have a 26-page warranty booklet given to each homeowner at closing that explains the coverage, the industry standards and corrective measures. We also distribute home maintenance tips and warranty inspections at 30 days and one-year ownership anniversary dates.

Why does Platinum Series Homes use 2 x 6 exterior walls, when other builders use 2 x 4 walls?

A. Platinum Series homes use 2 x 6 exterior walls for a couple of reasons. 2 x 6 walls are used mainly for wall stability. Some builders use 2 x 4 walls and either R-Board or a sound deadening board as an exterior sheathing. Both of these items have no real structural stability and could easily allow the 2 x 4’s to shift and move. Platinum Series Homes uses 2 x 6 with a _” OSB sheathing, which is a laminated wood sheet with structural properties. The second reason Platinum Series Homes uses 2 x 6 exterior walls for insulation purposes. Platinum Series Homes can install R-19 insulation in the exterior walls, helping to increase the energy efficiency in the home. Some builders will tell you that 2 x 4 walls can increase the interior size of the home. I would prefer for the energy savings as compared to the minimal few square feet of space added to your home.

I would spend all of my free time on weekends fixing up my home.What measures do you take to build a low maintenance home?

A. Platinum Series Homes is aware of lack of free time in today’s world. Growing families seem to always be on the go, and there never is enough time for the larger home maintenance items. We try to build our homes with these thoughts in mind. We include vinyl windows and siding, so you eliminate the painting. We build treated decks that don’t require any staining. We use concrete for drives and patios, so you will not need to recoat the asphalt. And then there are the numerous extended warranty items, like the shingles with a 30 year limited warranty.

Our heating/cooling bills are outrageous. Are your homes more energy efficient?

A. Platinum Series Homes installs high efficiency furnaces in all of our homes at no additional cost to the homeowner. We also increase the insulation in the attic to an R-46. By using 2 x 6 exterior walls we are able to put 2 more inches of insulation in the walls when compared to 2 x 4 construction.

Where does Platinum build?

A. Platinum Series Homes purchased about 100 acres north of the highway bypass in Marion called Squaw Creek Meadows. They have constructed numerous homes in this subdivision and have branched out to build in other areas such as Robins, Cedar Rapids, and Davenport; with Waterloo soon to come. Platinum Series Homes is not limited to any one area and is always welcome to build wherever the customer decides.

Somebody told me that you put more upgrades in your homes than other builders, is this true?

A. When Platinum Series Homes was deciding on their type of home they would like to offer, the consensus was to offer a home that we would like to live in ourselves. We do not want to sit down and order a house like you order a car, picking and choosing options for the home that should have already been included. Some of our standard items include a 50-gallon water heater, a direct vent fireplace, tile/wood floor in the kitchen and dining areas, a water softener loop, an icemaker line, and so on.

What choices can I make on my home?

A. It would depend on which stage of construction the home is in when an offer is made. If you purchase a “ to be built” home, you can make all of the choices from paint colors to foyer tile, from light fixtures to kitchen cabinets, etc. You can even sit down with our staff and design a home from scratch, which gives you more choices such as room sizes, style of home, and square footage of the house.

I have a friend that is a painter and he told me he could do the work for me. Does Platinum allow this type of arrangement?

A. Platinum Series Homes does not mind outside involvement or if you would like to choose your own subcontractor. The only stipulations Platinum Series Homes has is that they have to work within our schedule. If there are delays due to the outside workers, it could cost you money in the end. Platinum Series Homes cannot warrant the products or the work that is performed by subcontractors other than the companies hired by Platinum Series Homes.

How do I get to Squaw Creek Meadows to see some of your homes?

A. Take the Highway 100 bypass east towards Highway 13 and turn north on 22nd Street. You can either turn right on Grand Avenue or A Avenue and both streets will take you into Squaw Creek Meadows. If you would like a personal tour contact our office at 319-373-2683 to make an appointment.