Mission Statement

Platinum Series Homes will use the highest quality material and the finest craftsmen to construct a home that is artistic, efficient and functional, yet unique to each homeowner.


Barry S. Smith started Platinum Series Homes in 2003 after the construction process of his new home left a bad impression on him and his family. He did not feel he received the customer service that is due a person, especially one that is willing to spend an amount of money that will probably be the largest purchase in their lifetime.

President and CEO of Platinum Series Homes, Barry S. Smith and his wife Toni, remain dedicated to the principle of building the finest homes in the area, no matter the price range. The Platinum Series Homes team has over 50 years of construction experience and knowledge, and they are willing to assist homebuyers in any way necessary to fulfill their dreams.

We look at each lot when we design a home to make sure the house will fit in with the surroundings instead of trying to overpower the surroundings. Details such as 2 x 6 construction, added insulation, energy efficient components and maintenance free items insure you that we consider all aspects of people’s lives when designing and building your new home.

Weekly onsite meetings are conducted with homebuyers to reinforce education and encourage involvement in the building process. By keeping these lines of communication open, the Platinum Series Homes team are able to build you a home that is perfect for your needs.

Once your home is complete, Platinum Series Homes offers an unbeatable warranty that will exceed even your expectations. The warranty covers every component of your new home and offers solutions to most issues. Most importantly, contact with your new home representative will ensure resolution of any item. Follow up inspections will help to answer any questions or correct the minor problems associated with home ownership. We also meet with you before your first year anniversary to resolve any issues that fall within the warranty items. Platinum Series Homes also offers an extensive maintenance guide to ensure your systems will last long into the future.

We work hard to guarantee your satisfaction long after construction is complete.


Area Attractions
Movie theaters, IMAX
Arts: Symphony, Theater CR, Museums, Brucemore
Recreation: Pools, bowling, skating, Planet X, Playstation, Science Station
Parks: Indian Creek Nature Center, city parks, Squaw Creek Park
Sports: Kernels, Roughriders, Golf courses
Events: Freedom Festival
Races: Hawkeye Downs

Out of Town: Amana
Field of Dreams
University of Iowa
Lake McBride/Palisades
Lost Island/Wasserbaun