Welcome to Platinum Series Homes!
The staff of Platinum Series Homes has decades of homebuilding experience and an extreme commitment to customer satisfaction.

We kept the growing family in mind when designing our homes. We know that your world is busy these days with soccer practice, chorus rehearsals, and other school activities. Our homes reflect your needs. We build our homes in the traditional style but with current additions. These extras help reduce home maintenance, so you have the ability to enjoy your spare time, but we are making the house more durable to handle your growing family.

The purchase of your home doesn’t end our relationship, we won’t take your money, run and hide. We are dedicated to total customer satisfaction. After all, a home is your hard earned dream, an investment in your family’s future. That’s why we pay special attention to the details of homebuilding, both on what’s “inside the walls”, and the finished home We have “raised the bar”; we have a higher set of construction standards, coupled with an unbeatable warranty program. These things help us to strengthen our relationships. We aren’t building houses, we are building neighbors.

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